Chris Wark went in with some abdominal pain in 2003 at age 26, and doctors found a golf-ball size tumor in his colon. Doctors told him he was “crazy” for turning down chemotherapy and healing his Stage III colon cancer¬†with nutrition upgrades and natural therapies instead.

We talked for almost an hour, but Chris is so engaging that it felt like only minutes had gone by. Here’s a few of the things you’ll learn about in this interview:

– how fast food, junk food, and stress contributed to Chris developing cancer at such a young age

– the causes for 1 in 2 men getting cancer today vs. 1 in 30 men 100 years ago

– how cancer is natural and normal in our bodies

– why cancer is not the problem – it’s the solution!

– what your doctor WON’T tell you about nutrition

– why poisoning our way back to health doesn’t make sense

– Chris’s experience “overdosing on nutrition” with a raw vegan diet and eight glasses of vegetable juice per day

– how Chris eventually returned to eating meat and what he eats today

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